Lost Spaces and Stories of Vizcaya Palace


Vizcaya, the winter residence of James Deering (1859–1925), was built between 1914 and 1922 in the Coconut Grove area of Miami, Florida. The estate was entirely surrounded by subtropical forest—the Main House and the formal gardens appeared as a dreamlike vision in the midst of the jungle on the shores of Biscayne Bay. Today, Vizcaya is an oasis of silence and green, miraculously preserved just south of Miami’s modern skyline. Read More




Until a few years ago, what is known today as the Wynwood Art District was an area mainly inhabited by Puerto Ricans, and so it has been called Little San Juan or El Barrio. It was once an industrial area full of warehouses (especially textiles and shoes), and not well regarded.

In the mid-2000s, a group known as Primary Flight decided to create an “open air museum” in this area, inviting street artists from all over the world to decorate the walls of the warehouses with their works. That same year, Tony Goldman, a real estate developer with a large area in the district and a passion for art, decided to establish the art space now known as the Wynwood Walls: he provided a complex of buildings with high walls and no windows, opened the Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, and continued by opening a new space for less monumental graffiti, the Wynwood Doors. Read More

Roma as no one has ever seen

A captivating tailor-made experience in the eternal city of Rome. Explore the art and historic sights from private viewings of the greatest world heritage masterpieces, after hour visits, access to the magnificent historical palaces not open to the public. Also enjoy the dining experiences in unique locations and incredible exclusive activities with private historian guides. When in Rome, do as Romans do and enjoy the luxuries this thrilling and seductive city has to offer.

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Zermatt ski holiday

It was exactly five years since I didn’t ski because of a bad knee injury and I can say that I could not start in a better way!

When I was little, I loved this sport, apart from the early times when my maestro’s tone with a typical “Trentino” accent screamed to me: “Martina, open the queues!” Queues meant the end of the skis in order to put me in a right position to curb, or rather to make the snowplow. He had a little bit intimidated me. Yes, I was a timid and reserved classical little girl, it took me a while to open and let me go: as I am today. 

But let’s go back to this amazing vacation… Read More

Plant Food and Wine Miami

Edible Art

This is not just a vegan restaurant. This is The Vegan Restaurant. From the moment they bring you the first course, it turns into an experience between art and food. Plates are absolutely 3D edible paintings. You can just observe them until you catch their deeply soul and immediately let you carry them with the unique and inimitable flavor. I think it was my first vegan cooking experience and Ok, if all vegan restaurants were like this one, I could stop eating animal derivatives right NOW (lol). Any ingredient you can find, doesn’t even remotely have animal kin. Read More

Avocado all day every day

Rich of vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants, avocado is a fruit that should not be discriminated by the amount of fat it contains but it should be introduced regularly in our diet to keep heart healthy, reduce the waist and improve fertility both male and female!

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The beauty of nature is a unique gift ,like the sunsets I see never quite the same but always facinates me. A divine light as the sun sets and brings on the night i thank the heavenly father for this amazing sight.

Ever since I was little I have a passion; And it’s called Heaven. I could spend hours watching it. Every time, he gives me unforgettable emotions but most of all sensations are different each time. Read More