When nature goes far beyond photoshop

Yucatan, The Pink Lagoon

It may sound like a dream, but it’s more real than ever. The pink lagoon of Yucatan, Mexico, is so pink that it is really difficult to believe it is real.

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Zermatt ski holiday

It was exactly five years since I didn’t ski because of a bad knee injury and I can say that I could not start in a better way!

When I was little, I loved this sport, apart from the early times when my maestro’s tone with a typical “Trentino” accent screamed to me: “Martina, open the queues!” Queues meant the end of the skis in order to put me in a right position to curb, or rather to make the snowplow. He had a little bit intimidated me. Yes, I was a timid and reserved classical little girl, it took me a while to open and let me go: as I am today. 

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