Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers

And you don’t have to be in love with someone physically, I mean, you can be in love with life, your work, your family, your friends, your animal friends (which we sometimes treat better than human beings). So, there are so many reasons to be in love and, even if it’s a bit ‘commercial recurrence I can’t deny that I really like the atmosphere created around this day. Read More


Jungle style 


We have all noticed that the theme of climate change is an increasingly serious, delicate, and argumentative topic, and the world is partly changing his way of acting.

Sometimes transforming it into a cool mood to follow.

What do I mean?

I’ll explain it right away. Have you heard about biodegradable or eco-sustainable furnishings? Until a few years ago nobody was interested to this important detail . The homes were furnished according to personal taste but without paying attention to the type of material and without worrying about if it was dangerous to the planet or not.

I want to start exactly from here. Have you ever heard about the urban jungle? Read More