Things to know before traveling to Italy.

From 100% Italian who I am, who loves her country, I have to admit that in some things our beautiful country is not evolved like other foreign countries. We must not forget that this country has centuries of history to tell. This, however, may be something that differentiates us, we just have to remember few things. I want to give you some advice …I hope you find them useful and please share any tips you have. And don’t worry, I update this list and its links regularly!

  1. You don’t need any special Visa, just your regolar passport
  2. You don’t need special vaccinations. Only routine ones
  3. Currency: Euro ( $1.11USD = 1EUR | May 2017 rate)
  4. Exchange money via your debit card at the ATM. This is the easiest way to get euros and ensures the best exchange rate.
  5. Always carry cash. Most places will not let you use your debit or credit card for smaller purchases and restaurants don’t split bills.
  6. Don’t put cheese on seafood pasta. Despite how delicious the cheese is here, Italians do not put it on everything.
  7. Only order cappuccino for breakfast and not during the meal.
  8. Drink the house wine, it’s delicious and cheap.
  9. Hold your wine glass by the stem. The heat from your hand changes the character of the wine when you hold the glass.
  10. Eat as far away from major attractions as possible.
  11. At the restaurant, when you’ve finished put the cutlery lined up in the center of the dish. Is considered good education.
  12. Opt for an aperitivo instead of dinner every once in a while. Aperitivi are typically served from 7pm to 9pm. You pay for the drink, usually around 7 to 10 euros, and get to enjoy the complementary buffet. Trust me it is a ton of food.
  13. Plan and Pre-Book major sights and attractions whenever possible, especially if you are traveling in mid-March (spring break) or between May and July.
  14. Make the most of the high-speed train. 
  15. If you are traveling with European low-priced airlines like EasyJet or Ryanair, bring a portable luggage scale, They are serious about bag weight.
  16. Get up early every once and a while. Many cities, like Rome and Venice, have a completely different feel without the hoards of tourists. It is worth it to get an early start (especially in the hot summer) to get a different perspective of the city and to see many of the monuments not littered with people.
  17. Wear comfortable shoes. I can’t stress this one enough!
  18. Look up if your bank has any affiliations in Italy (i.e. Bank of America and BNL) to avoid service charges and fees.
  19. Don’t put your shoes or feet up on chairs or seats on the train. This is considered rude.
  20. If you have to call a taxi, you can’t flag them down.
  21. Walk everywhere.
  22. Get lost. You will get lost so why not embrace it? Without the help of the map you can reach amazing places that maybe no one recommends you
  23. Italians appreciate openness and sincerity.
  24. While being close to Switzerland, Italians are not so timely . They like to take it quietly.
  25. Friends & family kiss both cheeks, starting with the left cheek.
  26. In Italy there isn’t obligation to give tips, but is considered a very nice gesture.
  27. Place to visit:
  • Lake Como 🌄
  • Portofino 🚤
  • Cinque Terre 🌊
  • Milan 🍝
  • Turin 🍷
  • Verona 💑
  • Dolomiti 🏔
  • Venice 🛶
  • Bologna 🥘
  • Pisa 🏛
  • Tuscany 🏞
  • Umbria 🌻
  • Siena 🐎
  • Assisi 🧀
  • Rome 🏛
  • Abruzzo 🌾
  • Naples -Capri 🍕
  • Pompeii – Positano 🌅
  • Puglia ☀️
  • Lipari 🏖
  • Taormina 🍦
  • Siracusa 🍅
  • Sardinia 🐑





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