Jungle style 


We have all noticed that the theme of climate change is an increasingly serious, delicate, and argumentative topic, and the world is partly changing his way of acting.

Sometimes transforming it into a cool mood to follow.

What do I mean?

I’ll explain it right away. Have you heard about biodegradable or eco-sustainable furnishings? Until a few years ago nobody was interested to this important detail . The homes were furnished according to personal taste but without paying attention to the type of material and without worrying about if it was dangerous to the planet or not.

I want to start exactly from here. Have you ever heard about the urban jungle?

The house, this summer, will become green with an explosion of fantasy and design that transforms your home into a green oasis. From New York to Sidney, passing through Paris and London, Jungle’s décor is one of the overseas design trends that is emerging.

The Urban Jungle 🌴 exalt life in contact with nature, enhancing the beneficial effects that you have when you live in places full of plants. Decorating with plants is not only purely aesthetic; It’s more a new lifestyle.

The Urban Jungle’s mission is to fill the environments with flat plants from the luxuriant foliage, not just flower plants, but important plants with elegant and imposing foliage. That is why the living room fills up with tropical plants, palms, ficus, climbing plants and fatty plants. In order to stay in the nature, the furnishing materials will have to be rigorously in natural fibers: wood, stone, rattan for furniture and cotton and linen for textiles.

So,let’s see some relaxing plants 🌱 you can place in your rooms. It’s not true that the plants in the bedroom are not good for you, you just have to choose the right ones and the result will be absolutely beneficial.

Plants, which to choose for the bedroom

  1. Ivy: This plant is easy to cultivate and has a great potential purifier. It reduces home moisture and releases large amounts of oxygen overnight. Ivy is a climber, and can be placed in hanging pots or going down walls and furniture.
  2. Sansevieria: another plant with great purifying properties. It is also a fatty plant, so it is extremely simple to cultivate.
  3. Aloe Vera: It is a plant with great curative potential, it purifies the air and has a great detoxifying effect. At night it releases large amounts of oxygen, so it is one of the ideal plants for the bedroom. Breathing better at night allows you to stifle anxiety and prevent insomnia.
  4. Lavender: it has a relaxing effect, reduces anxiety and helps to rest better by improving the quality of sleep.
  5. Jasmine: with its delicate scent smiles and reduces stress, but if in large shrubs it can be slightly tolerated by some people. Smell this plant before you buy it and find out if the fragrance is of your own taste. This exotic plant also has a strongly decorative look.
  6. Snake Plant: With thin and elegant leaves, it is one of the most suitable plants for the bedroom. By improving air, it improves the quality of sleep and also reduces the risk of eye irritation, attenuates headache, and promotes breathing.

Home rich of plants and flowers is not only more beautiful, but also more relaxing and healthier. The beneficial effects of indoor plants are many. Our homes are full of objects like furniture, rugs, fabrics, made with materials and adhesives that release pollutants.

Cooking and boiling gas, detergents, solvents, and cigarette smoke are constantly present in the rooms we live in. The plants we commonly hold in the house, besides beautifying the environments, purify the air we breathe.

Let’s find out about other apartment plants known for their benefits.

  • The ficus purifies the air from the smoke, the trieline found in the inks, adhesives, enamels and dyes and absorbs the unpleasant odors;
  • Boston fern removes formaldehyde, toxin emitted from plastic bags, gas stoves, dressing garments, cloths and curtains;
  • Dracena protects us from cigarette smoke and carbon monoxide;
  • The cactus and the tendency soften the effects of radiation emitted by television and computer screens;
  • The anturium absorbs the strongly irritating odor of ammonia;
  • The orchid removes xylene from the air, substance emitted by chipboard and cardboard panels, paints and copiers.

It is useful to know that the smell of geraniums, basil, mint, citronella, keeps away mosquitoes and other insects; In the summer, put the pots on the balconies and on the window sills and you will not have any more trouble. 🌿🌱 🎋


Sometimes the green moods can lead to the most bizzarre combinations!! 🌳


Now I feel inspired, I have the desire of changing. Sorry but I have to rush to buy some 🌱 . I’ve just been overwhelmed by “the green mood”!!!!

See you soon guys 🌷

Some Botanical advice.


Have Fun!!


pics from Pinterest.


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