Romantic dinner for two in the charming woodland of Parma.

In occasion of the 29th birthday of my boyfriend, I decided to organize something really unique. After doing a lot of research and talking to a friend of mine, who knew about this place, I found a farm near Parma that offered the opportunity to experience an unusual “dinner in the woods”.  Out of curiosity, I immediately reached out to the owner of the farm where they organize this dinner to understand the details, and after a few minutes on the phone with him I decided to make the reservation. This is a incredibly unique experience. Only two people can attend and it takes place in the evening; this is the reason why I had to book two months in advance. The two months before the set date, I was in touch with Diadorim, the owner, to go over program of the night. Together we chose the menu, the wine and most importantly, he walked me through the plan to get to the “secret place” to make sure Luca, my boyfriend did not suspect anything.

The day of his birthday, September 8th, I told him we would go for an excursion. So we packed up my little Smart car and we drove just passed Parma, where the farmhouse is located.

On our arrival, Diadorim cordially greeted and welcomed us. Since the distance between Milan and Parma by car is about two hours I had also decided to spend the night there. In fact they also have about 10 rooms that can be booked booked, just like a regular hotel. We left our stuff in the room and we reached Diadorim in the veranda of the house for the aperitif.

Please note, all the food is produced by them and even better, prepared by his wife few moments before.


Now the most fun part. It was 7.30pm and the sun started to go down. While we were enjoying the food and drinking a refreshing glass of wine, Diadorim reveals to Luca the reason and the details of the excursion (so to speak).  He pulled out two head torches and took us to a room where there was a geographic plant in 3d with the path we had to follow (without mentioning anything about dinner). At this point, I felt that Luca was starting to be a little skeptical. Just like as planned!

Almost dark, in the woods, in the middle of nothing, with just two head torches. Obviously there was nothing to fear. According to what Diadorim told us, it took more or less 30 minutes to go and go back. So we started our “hike.” During the trail you could hear only the rustle of the river, the sound of the leaves moved by the wind and some birds chirping. Since the the walk is in the middle of a forest, it is advisable to weara good pair of sneakers, or simply comfortable shoes. After twenty minutes of walk, in which probably Luca was still not understanding what the heck was going on, we started to see some light coming closer and getting clearer and clearer. Et voilà, the dinner is served.Waiting for us there was a gazebo covered with candles, which lighted the atmosphere and made it even more romantic, with two glasses of wine ready to start the celebrations.


He later confessed me he thought I was crazy (lol). A few minutes later Diadorim appeared smiling and saying that when we were ready, they would start serving us dinner. So we got comfortable and ready to enjoy this magnificent candlelight dinner in the middle of the nature. All the menu was impeccably delicious!!

After dinner we went back to the farmhouse under a starry sky. I also saw two falling stars. Lucky evening, I obviously expressed the wishes.

The next day we had a home-made breakfast from Diadorim’s grandmother, the choice of cakes was unbelievable. The perfume of freshly made coffee and freshly baked cakes gave me a feeling of peace and tranquility, perhaps because for a while I came back when my grandmother made cakes for me and was one of my favorite moments as a little girl.

This farm is ran by a very welcoming family, which in my opinion they look a lot like the Goblins family, who you will find the fairytale books (LOL). They have two cute donkeys, honeybees, from which they produce honey if the wether is favorable, and a very large vegetable garden where they grow fruits and vegetables of all kinds. The real Farm to Table deal!!



I would recommend this absolutely unique experience to anyone who loves nature, good homemade and organic food and anyone who has a really special person to share this once in a lifetime experience with.



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