When nature goes far beyond photoshop

Yucatan, The Pink Lagoon

It may sound like a dream, but it’s more real than ever. The pink lagoon of Yucatan, Mexico, is so pink that it is really difficult to believe it is real.

Scenarios are dreamlike, ready to leave their visitors open-minded, captured by landscaping, accustomed to seeing only in paintings or thanks to photoshop filters. Absolutely out of the ordinary, including a gigantic salt factory and the pink lagoon of Las Coloradas. These astonishing pink reflections, according to science, would be due to the presence of red plankton, as well as the high amount of artemie water, a small saltwater crustacean.


Water would acquire this shade of pink from the chemicals of micro organisms. As water in the saline evaporates, their concentration rises and water becomes pinker. These marine micro organisms are also the main nutrition of flamingos: it is the beta-carotene that contains, the main reason behind the characteristic hue of the pink birds.


Here you will be able to daydreaming and let you carry by the emotions that nature will transmit to you.



Thank you mother nature for the shows you give us without asking anything back.


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