Roma as no one has ever seen

A captivating tailor-made experience in the eternal city of Rome. Explore the art and historic sights from private viewings of the greatest world heritage masterpieces, after hour visits, access to the magnificent historical palaces not open to the public. Also enjoy the dining experiences in unique locations and incredible exclusive activities with private historian guides. When in Rome, do as Romans do and enjoy the luxuries this thrilling and seductive city has to offer.

Dinner at Palazzo Colonna

Palazzo Colonna is one of the oldest and largest private palaces of Rome.

If I could choose which historical period to be born in, I would have definitely chosen the 1300 in Italy. As a child I imagined myself as a princess dressed in elaborate clothes, living in a palace with high walls adorned with frescoes. Even now when I visit palaces such as this I allow myself to fantasize about my childhood dreams.

But, Dreams can become reality.

Private visit in Palazzo Colonna and Dinner in the palace Coffee House. WOW!

I did it!

We took a private tour of the whole building, with a brilliant guide only just for us. After making us empathize completely in the years 1300, we were greeted by a magical atmosphere at the Coffee House. A deliciously prepared dinner was served as the stars outside began to descend on us. As if the evening needed to be more perfect, dinner was followed by an incredible classical musical performance and an “instant fashion moment” by artist Alfredo Nocera and Tiziana Caminiti.

You’re not a tourist in Rome without a Vespa Tour

For the thrill seekers and young of heart! This exciting experience will whisk you through Rome’s large avenues and tiny alleyways as well as major landmarks such The Pantheon, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, The Vittorio Emanuele II Bridge, the banks of the Tiber passing near the Vatican, the Circus Maximus, the church of San Pietro in Vincoli, the Colosseo and at least the Fontana di Trevi.


Now I truly know the meaning of, “When in Rome do as the romans do”.



Traiano Market Dinner

This is undoubtedly the most unbelievable place I have ever had the pleasure of dining in.

Sunset in mid-June, jasmine perfume filling the air and a delicate summer tepore (warmth) that caresses your body and a breathtless panorama.




Sunset in Rome.





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